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Cutting my babyback racks in half?

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This weekend my friend is having his bachelor party at a cabin near a lake and he asked me (at the last second) to smoke some ribs for everyone. I think i'm gonna need to make 4-5 racks to feed everyone, but I only have room/grates enough to do 3 full racks at a time. If i need to cut the racks in half before I put them in, will they cook faster? What else might this effect? Any input would help, otherwise I'm afraid I'm gonna have to babysit them all afternoon.

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Won't affect much beyond a couple more "end pieces".  Cook time is the same.   When I do spare ribs I typically cut them in half regardless of space (i have plenty), just to have some more control juggling them around for an even cook/color with my horz offset.  More convenient for foiling up and plating from the smoker too.

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Thanks for the info. Glad to hear it, more time i can be fishin'. 

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Yep, no issues cutting them in half.  I'm required to in order to get them into my MES 30".  Three racks on the lower levels and two chicken breast pieces with bones on the top.  This was about half way mark.


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Looks great so far..................icon14.gif

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