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Most common wood for cheese

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What is the most favorite wood to smoke for cheese?   Does it matter as to what cheese is being smoked.  This weekend I'll be doing a good size batch assuming the weather stays cool in the morning and don't want to pick the wrong wood.  I will be using the AMNPS.  Thanks in advance.



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I use maple and it turns out very good.


This time I want to try pitmasters blend or pecan.

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I like using peach. Peacheese!
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I used Peach...and it tasted great on Mozerella, cheddar, colby Jack....and Dublinger



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I like apple for a lot of cheeses. Maple is good as well as cherry & peach. Cherry pellets are hard to keep going by themselves though so you need a layer of good burning pellets such as oak under them... It's really a matter of personal preference as to what you like. I like hickory too but a lot of people think it's too strong for cheese...  th_dunno-1[1].gif

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Peach, cherry, apple, pear, alder, pecan are some of my favorites. Some of it depends on the type of cheese. Just like meat some can take stronger flavored woods.

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I have been on a apple kick for a while. Hickory or mesquite is a good strong smoke. To strong for a lot of peoples taste

Happy smoken.


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Yeah just to echo everyone else, stick to the lighter woods and fruit woods. I used oak and apple before on two separate occasions and I like the apple better. The longer you let it age afterwards, the mellower it will taste.
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Thanks all.  Tonight I went out and got some Apple Pellets for Sunday's smoke.

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For me Hickory was way too strong. Pitmasters Choice was good but on the edge so I was the only consumer, not really a downside there. Apple or Peach is next on the list and I have not ruled out Tutti Fruity...Apple, Peach and Cherry mixed together...JJ

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That 3 stooges combo (peach, cherry, apple) does sound good.

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Ok so you got some apple.

I'm ready to see some smoke110.gif

Happy smoken.


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