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electric heating element

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So my hot plate went out so I ordered a brinksmanns heating element I have a question for the guys that use these where do u put ur wood to get the smoke
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Go with one of Todd's pellet trays or pellet tubes.  Plenty of burn time and a proven product.


If you go with a chip tray over the element, you will have to reload it often.  The pellet tray/tube will burn for hours and does not need the heat of the electric element to smoke.  With the electric element alone you will not be able to apply smoke to sausage at lower temps and can only hot smoke.  With the pellet tray/tube you have a lot more options.

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Put in a shallow pan covered in aluminum foil right on the burn or 1/2 above it!  Poke a hole in the foil!  What type of smoker?

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Just got my replacement heating element and with both of them running I had 220 in 15 minutes
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Smoke at 150º with just the brinksmann
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