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Hickory smoke powder?

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 I was wandering if anyone has used hickory smoke powder before?  I bought some at a place calle savory spices in Charlotte, nc and it says that 1 oz. can be used between 80-150 rubs.  It is quite strong!!!  So has anyone used it in rubs before.  Smells good!


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Never heard of it.

Happy smoken.


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Are you going to be smoking or grilling?
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I am going to be smoking a pork shoulder. I made a rub out of it and it's good! Use very little cause its strong! Just wanted to see if anyone else has used it.
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I thought that stuff was for grillers that wanted smoke flavor?
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Yeah , I thought that dust was to burn in stove top put it in spice rubs? That's a new one to me! biggrin.gif
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This is the description they have for it on the site.

This hickory smoke flavor is carried on a malto-dextrin base. Hickory smoke flavoring is incredibly strong as a 4 fluid ounce jar will flavor 80-100 lbs. of meat.

Use hickory smoke flavoring on meats, BBQ, sauces and dry rubs. Great for sausage making or in place of liquid smoke….use sparingly!!

It's a yellowish brownish powder.
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I'd figure that this would be used as if it's Liquid Smoke. If you're smoking something, no need to use smoke flavoring/seasoning.

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I usually buy mesquite powder, but they also make hickory I don't use hickory as I mostly use hickory wood but I use the powder in cooking and grilling only. I don't want to give away a closely guarded secret but it makes a great steak seasoning for less desirable cuts (otherwise salt and pepper baby!) and I use the powder in my...BBQ SAUCE damn that hurt a little bit. I have tried it in rub but the flavor does not really come out and seems to be wasteful in that context.

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I saw the mesquite powder but, being from NC I thought I would try the hickory powder. I like it!
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I have used it for a couple years now in general purpose Sauces. The kids put it on Chicken Tenders, Fries and Grilled, no smoke, foods. But for Smoked meat I want the flavor of the Wood I am using unless that happens to be Hickory. If I spend 14 hours putting Apple Wood smoke on something, Hickory Powder in the Rub or Sauce will over power the Apple Wood and that would be a waste of wood or Pellets. It is much stronger than Liquid Smoke and I find 1tsp Smoke Powder per Qt of Sauce is to our taste. It is great in a Steak or Burger rub as these get Grilled and 8 minutes on the fire doesn't give too much wood or charcoal flavor...JJ

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Yea, I saw it and was curious!  Took it home and made a simple rub.  Turned our real nice.  Haven't used it in a sauce yet, but, that is my next on my list.

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Originally Posted by sniltz View Post

Yea, I saw it and was curious!  Took it home and made a simple rub.  Turned our real nice.  Haven't used it in a sauce yet, but, that is my next on my list.

Always something new to learn. I will keep a lookout for this. Thanks for the heads up! icon14.gif
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Sorry I am so late to the party, but thought I'd share my experiences:


Yes, I use hickory smoke powder (not salt) in my jerky rub -- even before I smoke it.  I use 1Tbsp garlic powder, 1Tbsp onion powder and 1tsp of hickory smoke powder and then ratio it up according to quantity because I like to lay it on heavy..  If I want to add any heat, I also throw in some jalapeno powder.  I know, it may seem counter-intuitive or even over-powering to add powdered smoke before actually smoking the meat but, IMHO, it does something really magical to beef/venison jerky.  I never found this stuff locally and had to order it online.


As for anything else I rub or marinate, such as shoulder, ribs or turkey, I don't have experience with adding it to those rubs.


But I can attest to having success with beef jerky -- maybe because I only smoke it for 2 hours before dehydrating it...


Give 'er a try!

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