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Spun Pork Loin

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Started out by setting a loin in Mad Hunky Pork Brine for quite a few hours.

Pork loin on the rotisserie smoking in red oak after it was then seasoned with Tatonka Dust.

When the loin hit the 150º area pulled it and wrapped in foil to reat.

While the pork loin was resting took the rotisserie ring of the Weber kettle and added brussel sprouts seasoned with Desert Gold, minced garlic and a little butter in the pan and some garlic toast on the grill.

Pork loin getting sliced.

Pork loin, garlic toast, rice and brussel sprouts. The pork loin was very moist a flavorful!

Thanks for looking!
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Looks yummy!  I'm a big fan of brussel sprouts....they look perfect!


Thanks for sharing pics of your delicious meal with us!


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Looks killer! Nice rotisserie setup!

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That looks so good. Wow. grilling_smilie.gif
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Thanks, inlaws jad leftovers from the pork loin and said they were picking up a couple pork loins for me to do for them!
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That is a great looking plate right there!


Very nicely done!



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What a delightful looking meal. Great Qview!



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Awesome meal

Loving the thin bark on the loin

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Jeez.. now that made me hungry... even the veggies... Great looking loin. I love the rotisserie addition... probably pretty handy!!

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Looks good mossy!!

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Looks great, what is "Desert Gold" on the sprouts??

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Somehow I missed this the first time around. Great looking pork! We love brussel sprouts roasted over the coals, yumm!

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