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yeah I need to get that figured out

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Originally Posted by totallysmoked View Post

how do you smoke your briskets?

I haven't smoked a brisket in awhile but I will be using Eric's method on my next one:

I've been using his method with pork butts for awhile now and they come out incredible!!!
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Well as I posted yesterday I made my third brisket today. 8 hours@ 225 then a4 hour crutch @ 200 and finally a2 hour rest. the bark was not crunchy do to the crutch but I was not after that.was looking more for flavor and how juicey I could keep it.turned out fabulous. the wife likes it sliced while I like it chopped on a bun. ribs for the weekend hope to have pictures by then.tell me what you think of my brisket recipe still just a newbie.

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