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Got my first smoker yesterday, a Masterbuilt 30" electric. Put a 6 1/2 lb brisket in it at 195 for 8.5 hrs. Is that correct? What will happen if I leave it in there for a longer period of time at 195? I filled the water bowl up and after 5 hours I looked in the chip tray and it was all burnt so I added more hickory chips.  If I cook it at a lower temperature for longer will it become more tender or will it dry out?  Im just throwing out there that I dont really know what Im doing with this smoker yet but seeing thatt I am already the BBQ KING of Northridge Ca., there are high expectations from everyone.... hahaha

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why you smoking soo low?
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Don't cook a brisket by time. You have to cook to correct internal temp. I can almost guarantee that 8.5 hours at 195 is going to get you a piece of shoe leather. And yeah, why are you cooking so low?
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Cuz I dont know what Im doing?

The internal temperature is 178 right now, should I take it out?

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Need to take it to 200 IT. Then double wrap in foil and wrap in a blanket or cooler and let rest for an hour or two with a little liquid.
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There are almost as many ways of cooking the perfect brisket as there are people posting on here. We all have our particular ways. The majority though would cook at 225 or above. I think you are trying to cook way too low. The quality of the finished brisket will also be a combination of the meat texture and the overall flavor. Did you use a marinade or rub before you put the meat in the smoker and what wood are you using for fuel/smoke?


There are some great step-by-step guides in the smoking meat area on this forum. I suggest that you may want to take a quick look there ready for your next smoke.


Is great that you have started so keenly and hopefully you will soon hit on your own perfect brisket method. The advice you will get on here will vary a lot but the guys know what they are talking about. Listen to the tips from all of us, use the ones you think will work for you, and then sit back and enjoy the results.


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I pulled it out at 178 IT, I used a rub my butcher recommended to start, Im using Hickory chips. I cut it and it might be slightly more done than I wanted but its delicious and very tender. I can do better.. LOL

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If you cooked it and you like it then that is what matters. The rub and wood sound fine. Next time wap up that temperature to 225 for the duration. After the first 3 hours cooking you may want to foil it for the remainder of the time to help keep it moist. I usually do with brisket but others on here do not. Make small incremental changes with each smoke and see how it affects the end result.


Did you take any photos? We would love to see them.

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Noticed that you haven't introduced yourself in Roll Call! Would you mind stopping by there and letting us give you a proper welcome?


Here is a SMF link that will guide you on how to do a brisket.  It's an expensive cut of meat and can be rather tough if not cooked properly.



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Brisket-8-5-13.jpg 75k .jpg file
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Thank You Kat! I dont think this one I just cooked is gunna last long around here so Im sure my second one is not far off. LOL!!!

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Originally Posted by Jeffingh View Post

Thank You Kat! I dont think this one I just cooked is gunna last long around here so Im sure my second one is not far off. LOL!!!

Show pictures or what we call q-views!  Show that bad boy off!



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Kat, Im such a neophyte to smoking meat!!! While it turned out good enough, it wasn’t what I want so Im gunna try again soon JBrisket-8-5-13.jpg

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