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Make ahead brisket and pork

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Next week I'm heading to California to visit my wife's sister and family. Each family is in charge of a meal for a night, so naturally I thought I'd attempt to take some smoked meat. Once there, I'll do a simple baked beans and mac and cheese recipe to go along with it. 


My plan is to smoke a pork shoulder this week and pull it. Then, I'll vac-seal it. I'll also do a brisket flat and vac-seal it. I hear they're better to seal before slicing, so I'll do that. I'll keep them in a cooler for the drive to Cali. When it's our night to do dinner, I'll either heat the packages in warm water or take them out and put each in a foil covered pan and heat in the oven.


How long will the meat stay good in the vac-sealed packages without freezing? i'll probably end up freezing them after I seal them.

Any other tips or suggestions for me?


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as long as theyre kept cold you should be fine. theres no air getting to them, so id say youd be good to go. when you vac pack id suggest packing em with some liquid inside the bag.
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Smoked the pork and brisket the last couple nights on my kamado smoker. Tried the pork around 300 no foil and brisket injected with beef broth around 330-350 foiled at 175. Hadn't done these high temps before but I'm happy with the results.


I pulled the pork and will vac-seal it like that. I tried a slice of the brisket but will leave the rest of it whole and will seal like that.







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Those look great...good enough to eat. Love the smoke ring on the beef!!

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looks good, im sure the family will enjoy.
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That look great!  Makes me hungry!



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Looks great!!!

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Thanks! Hopefully it still looks good next week!

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