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Smokin' Meatloaf

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Have a good one here.  Threw a 2 lb meatloaf in the smoker.  So simple how I put it together...


2 lbs 85% ground beef

2 eggs

1 tube saltine crackers ground up

1 package Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning

McCormick's Molasses Bacon seasoning


I mixed the eggs, crackers, and ranch seasonings all together and then formed my loaf on a small cookie sheet before I moved it to my rack.  Then I coated it generously with the molasses bacon seasoning.  Smoked it between 200 - 225 degrees for about 4 hours using just hickory wood chips. 


This is my 1st time using ranch seasoning with beef and I must admit the flavor was pretty subtle.  You might want to add a 2nd packet.  The molasses bacon seasoning stood out more and made this very tasty.  Combined with the hickory smoke you would swear that a thick slice of this tasted like the best beef jerky... in a tender and juicy loaf.


I like experimenting with meatloaf and mixing things up a bit.  For this I made a beef gravy to pour over it.  Delicious!


I cook for 3 kids which feels like a small army at times with the way they eat, and there's always some leftovers.  There were no leftovers... :)

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that sounds awesome!! Been meaning to do a meatloaf myself.

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Sounds really good, smoked meatloaf is a favorite around our house and doesn't last long!
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