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Tapatalk error 2222

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Only on this forum am I getting an "error 2222", which prevents me from posting new messages using my iphone.  I have no such problem with other forums.



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Tapatalk no long work for me on SMF. Maybe 3 weeks ago it stopped but all of my other forums still work so I think it is something with this site.
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Use the Mobile version of SMF. Switch to it at the very bottom of the screen. When the mobile version came out I stopped using tap a talk. Like the mobile version much better.
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I use the mobile version as well. There are a few nuances but it works pretty well over all.
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OK, so I'm confused.  How can switching from desktop to mobile on your laptop have any affect to the cel phone?

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I am using the Mobile version now but I like using Tapatalk much better
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I have been using Tapatalk 2 which the error has surfaced in. I just downloaded the original version of Tapatalk and it seems to be working. Hmmmmm
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Thought you were on you cell, I never had a need to use tap on my laptop.
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