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Air dampers

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Just came across 2 4 inch air dampers with 4 thre quarter inch holes. I want to put them on my brinkmann that has none. Any suggestions. ?
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1 on top and 1 on the bottom? I would think it would give you more control and more air flow. The Weber kettle grills are set up that way and work great.

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Do you think it matters if I goes in the middle or off to the side on the bottom. I was thinking of getting two more for the bottom to even the flow.
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I would thinks as long as the bottom vent is below the charcoal pan it would supply enough air. (off to the side so you can reach it) And one on top. Give it a try and see if your going in the right direction. If it works your done. Or decide to add another vent or 2. Even if the extra vents are not what is needed you can keep them closed.

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Yeah. I was thinking off center on the bottom along with 2 more to spread out the intake instead of just one in the middle.
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