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Building my first UDS

Poll Results: What would you rather do than remove a red liner of death?

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    Walk blind folded across a busy intersection.
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    Run over your foot with a lawn mower.
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    Watch a 10 hour Barney marathon.
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    Nothing I will never remove a red liner again, ever, no, no, no , no , no NEVER.
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I decided to build a UDS after reading all of the praise about these beasts.  Here are some pictures during my build.  



Here is the beginning of my build.  I used that shoe string to measure the exact diameter, and to mark where i wanted my two inlet valves, and main valve to be.  I then used those markings to keep in line my markings for the grate holes.  i have a two grate system, but have three different levels to choose from.  One three inches from the top then two more levels six inches down at each level.  



Here i installed everything just to see if i liked where everything was lining up.  Yes that is the red liner of death....



I burnt the thing out three times, and I am grinding it here.  My neighbors probably thought I was an idiot when i started grinding the inside.  Word of advice, AVOID THE RED LINER AT ALL COSTS.  It sucks a lot....



Here I am preparing for paint.  I used a high heat primer, and high heat black and grey paints...



Here she is all together, and being seasoned.  Cant wait to start cooking...



One more for the road..

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Very very nice! I see sneakeey's design is making its rounds... Very cool
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Looks like a great job, to me!

Now, don't forget to take qview of your first smokes and share them with us.

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Nice, I see lots of good smoke in your future!


What's wrong with red?



Piece ofth_blowing-out-candles-emoticon.gif

Happy smoken.


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Yes sir.  I did a lot of research on youtube and his design looked very well thought out.  I did add some things like the three hooks, and an extra level for racks, but yes I did follow his lead.  

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