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Cure ate the foil

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I just noticed that after I rinsed and patted dry then let the pellicle form from 36 hours in the fridge, two ends of the bacon where in contact with the foil. It ate right through it. Do I need to cut those parts off before eating ??

This has never happened before. This is my fourth batch of bacon...ever.

Thanks all.

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I don't think it was the cure. I have seen this happen when covering meats after I applied a rub (no cure) I think it is the salt that did it. Chemical reaction between the salt and aluminum. I never trimmed anything, just smoked them. Now I only cover with plastic wrap.
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Thanks S2K. I'll be sure and only use plastic wrap under the racks on the sheet pan.

FYI, this is my first stab at locally raised and pastured pork. Can't wait !!

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Yep...... salt eats aluminum, unless it is marine grade.....  Dave

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Thanks Dave

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