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B-Day Party BBQ

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Hello all,


So I am throwing a bday party for my 4 year old. I am planning to smoke some meats for eats.


Here is what I have in mind. Its an estimate 50-60 people or so,, including 20 kids or so.


6 - Slabs Spare Ribs

4 - Whole chickens smoked and pulled

5 - 3-4lb smoking butts for pulled pork

4 lbs kielbasa and kiska

2 - pans baked beans

1 - Pan grilled veggies (port. mushrooms, zucs, corn, peppers, onions )

1 - Smoked turkey breast spread 

Rib tips from cutting up spare ribs


Any thoughts? My plan is to cook butts, and chickens the day before. Chop them up and put into crock pots for serving and keeping warm.


The ribs, sausage, and veggies I would do the day of the party.


Thoughts? Am I over doing it?



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Sounds like you have it covered.

Remember to post a Qview.


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No such thing as over doing it! sounds great!

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I would add...

2 more 3-4 pound butts...


Dont forget plenty of adult drinks and pics.

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Thanks guys. 


I am going to add at least one more pork butt and 2 more lbs of kielbasa.


After reading more I am also going to add about 12-14 chicken thighs as well to add to pulled chicken.


I would like to cook more ribs but I really don't have room on the smoker. I am going to have the smoker rolling for a full day this Friday and I can't wait.



FYI - Adult beverages are covered.  1/2 Keg of Modelo Especial, 1/2 gallon rum, 1/2 teq, 1/2 vodka.


There will be a q-view. I will start posting the epic journey on Thursday when I prep all the butts. 



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Who do I have to bribe to get an invite?



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