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Meadowcreekers unite!

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Hi everyone,
I recently picked up a Meadowcreek TS60 and wanted to try and get some tips/tricks/opinions from fellow meadowcreek owner/operators. I don't have much experience with this smoker. I love the craftsmanship of this smoker, very sturdy, heavy duty build. This is my first reverse flow smoker. I am located only about twenty minutes from Lancaster, PA. That is where they are built. Lets hear from some fellow meadowcreek owners out there. Maybe we can form our own group or something. I look forward to hearing from any of you out there. Thanks for your time.
P.S. I'm new to the whole forum thing and am not sure where to start this one. Sorry in advance if this is a mistake/bad spot.
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Check my earlier posts here about Meadowcreek. I am a big fan and own the ts120p. I looked at them all believe me. Many look away due to price, buy a lesser unit or spend way too many hours drawing and talking about building. Instead of cooking! I was that guy once. Now I cook and experiment with that. Not dreams of building something that cannot work better than a Meadowcreek reverse flow smoker. It has been tried so many times right here on these forums. Now I get the build your own desire and not everybody can slam down thousands on a smoker. Just talking from a lot of experience. The smell of Q is what I long for. Not the smell of a welding shop.




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Picked up my first meadow creek TS60 used so glad I did my homework and chose MC easy to heat up  and maintain temp and the food comes out great. Now looking for a MC PR72. Great workmanship

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Hey spin smoke, I too picked up a used meadowcreek TS60 and love that craftsmanship too. Really can't stress it enough how tough as nails and well thought out their work is in person. Heavy duty thru and thru. Works flawlessly. Once it's hot it stays where you want it too with just a little practice. Meadowcreek no longer makes the ts60 model. I think it's the ts70 now. Little bigger, casters on the side opposite the wheels, they are pricey new no doubt. Worth it in my opinion.
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