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Brisket question

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Hey guys so I have done briskets at home on my propane smoker and I have gotten a really nice smoke ring. However when I smoke my briskets at work I don't really get much of a smoke ring. I might be solving the problem here but I don't use as much wood as I do at home on my smoker so would that be the solution or do you guys have any other suggestions.
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Also does the brisket look a little to dark. I haven't got any complaints on I tasting burnt but I do like to use a good amount of sugar in my rub I like the sweeter rubs so I don't know if I need less sugar.
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What kind of smoker are you using at work?
Try using turbinado sugar, it won't burn as bad.
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I am using a cookshack 360 so tubinado sugar would work better for long smoking roasts
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Electric smokers will produce very little if any smoke ring.
Here are a bunch of threads that will explain it, it's too scientific for me:
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Thanks a lot for the help I will try out that sugar.
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