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Looking for a remote thermometer. I know from reading this forum that the ET-732 is the way to go. I have an auber PID temp controller on my electric smoker so I don't need a dual probe because the PID keeps track of the smoker temp. Currently I use a regular meat thermometer which requires me to open the door to check the temp. Would the ET-705 be what I need? Has anyone used one? Is it a good product?


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I just recently got an ET-732 and love it. Like you, I don't need the thermometer to read the temp of the smoke chamber so I just don't plug that one in. All I use is the meat probe. I went through several POS thermometers from Academy and finally decided that spending the additional money for a good one was well worth it, even though iit had more features than I really need. I got mine through this forum from Todd at A MazN Products and could not have been happier with the product or service I got. Some things just aren't worth trying to save a little money on in my opinion :-)

Best of luck,
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