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Sir, i was preoccupied fending off my son over the pulled pork bowl but i did get a couple of pictures before i called him to dinner. We didn't even sit to eat, ate standing in the kitchen. He ate FOUR sandwiches. After the first one he said no more barbecue sauce or cheese. Just pickle and onion. And he picked out most of the bark! We didn't even have a side dish. He is going to miss my cooking when vacation is over, lol.

I have my new rub recipe. Next time I'll increase the pumpkin pie spice. I reduced the ground black pepper by half and left out the cayenne since I was using Hungarian paprika. I love pepper but the recipe I was using overpowered the meat.

Bone fell right out and the darn thing shredded itself. No need for special tools for this one.

That JJ Finishing Sauce, son wants an intravenous of it.

Now for the Qview of my pulled pork where nothing seemed to go right. Lol

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Telephone poles taste like creosote. Lol
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I had already checked my spice rack and have plenty Pumpkin pie spices!

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I'm not really a baker, only had the pumpkin pie spice for appearances sake. Now I have a use for it. Lol
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That looks GREAT! Glad it all worked out in the end!

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Glad to hear all turned and good and that is some mighty tasty looking pulled pork.



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MY T FINE LOOKING! So glad it turned out. I have some of my best cooks when I f up.

Happy smoken.


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That's some great looking meat!!! Some mistakes work out for the best! 


I just saw you're from Evans City - I used to live in Zelie and my youngest went to school in Evans City. Small world!

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Weird. I'd never heard of Zelienople, PA in my life before this summer. First my brother in law starts dating a girl from there, and now I'm hearing about it here. Perhaps it's a sign I need to go check it out sometime.

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Great looking pork! I too have a penchant for sweet Hungarian paprika. I really had to hunt for that red can down here in Alabama.

I sure miss when I lived in Natrona Heights popping into Con Yeagers in Zeli for my spices and sausage materials! But at least I still order online from them....but dang those pesky shipping charges!!

And that pumpkin spices sure sound similar to the jerk recipe I use...and that could only be a good thing!

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Zelie & Evans City are nice, quiet towns. Not one of my neighbors has complained about me tinkering with my smoker at 3 AM. It is a small world. We have the ConYeager Spice store here on Main Street. I'm their best customer. They have casings and all kinds of sausage kits that I have been eyeing up. I would love to find a recipe for Saxonburg ring bologna.

It turned out great and that made me happy.
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I could walk to ConYeager now. Hehehe
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