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Oklahoma Joe Smokers

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Was reading about newer OklaJoe smokers available. I saw one at Lowe's for around $500.

I bought mine 20 years ago, paid $750 for it(16" 40" cook area) and have never had one regret. Every year for over 10 years

I cooked 33 baby backs for our 4th party, and have done countless butts through the years as

well. Only issues I've had, 1- never been able to find the perfect cover, 2- my Mason Jar grease cap rusted off.

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They make a nice pit.


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arent they just char-broil grills now?
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More-less, just shaped like the originals Much lighter metal. One way to spot old vs new from a great distance is

the newer, thinner model's door closes flush to unit, whereas the originals door overlaps. Glad I got mine when I did.

(according to front plate, mine was made in 1987.)

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