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I plumbed my needle valve up to the front for the sake of convenience but no matter where you put it, function is the same. SEMIsmoker, here's a simple mod I did to control my smoke and temp.....

All I did was separate the "brackets" from the tray and drill a hole in each tab. Then cut some stainless tubing about 1 1/4" long and stuck some bolts through to hold it. Use extra long bolts for further adjustability. And I prefer to skip the stock chip box and use tin foil.

For my chips, I like to mix some fine Smokehouse chips with some coarser chips. Once the fine ones get going it helps to keep the coarser chips burning longer when using a smaller flame at the burner.
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As I mentioned before I have the NG conversion... I did the mod above to lower my wood chip platform, I removed the low stop(installed with the NG mod) and used ventilation duct tape to cover the front half of the burner holes.  This allowed the thermocouple to stay warm as I kept the gas lower.  I am able to keep the temp low in the range, the only drawback is only 2/3 of the smoke chips are smoking.  I just need to rotate and replenish chips as I add water.

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Great on your mods and cooks. One suggestion on the Beer-Butt Chicken. Try upping your cooking temp to around 325 - 350 which will result in crispy skin. And the cook will be quicker too!



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