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ECB Smoke n Grill

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The next door neighbor gave me his drum style charcoal smoker b/c of lack of use. I've been smoking BBQ for about 2 years now. All of my experience is with the cabinet style smokers. With the same load of cc I use to run 250 in the cabinet this thing runs 380.

Is there any tips to control head other then cutting back on the hot coals and trying the minion method?
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Has there been any mods done to it or is it "out of the box"? 

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It's out of the box. The only thing I did was change the legs to the outside and use my grillwok square basket as the charcoal tray. It has legs built on it to increase airflow and to let ash fall out. I sat the entire smoker down overtop of the tray.
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You talking the R2D2 style??



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Fixed a 7lb bone in butt today. I used the minion method of putting 3/4 a chimney in a circle with a hollow center in my grill wok grate that is elevated then I put 1/4 chimney of hot kingsford blue bag in the middle. Ideally I like to cook at 250 but it ran in the 300 range.

Wrapped it at 160 it stalled for about an hour and 20 min but coasted on in after that. I let it cook to 205 then let it rest for 90 min then pulled it with two forks.

In prep I rubbed with yellow mustand and then cabela's sweet BBQ comp rub. (I was busy landscaping so didn't have time to make a rub).

I spritzed with apple juice and apple cider vinager.

Dipped it with Sonny's Sweet BBQ Sauce.

It was my first cook with the ECB drum style and although it ran a little hot it was still really good results.
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I'm sort of a visual person. How about some pics of your cooker and of your q?

Show us your stuff so we can compare!

Sounds like a good cook. How was the food?
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