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Grilling ribs?

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I'll be grilling ribs today (not smoking) in direct heat...well, the charcoal & meat will be in the same chamber. I have an offset smoker.

I want to get the meat as tender as possible using direct heat. Is there a method like 3-2-1 I should use? Could you foil ribs when direct grilling? I call it "straight" grilling. If so, how long?
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Pile your charcoal to one side and put the ribs as far as possible to the other side. Don't use a rub with much suger, or add sugar or honey to the foil - high temps will burn any sugars really fast. Foil with some beer, or a small amount of apple juice, also rotate which ribs are closest to the heat every 30 min. or so to avoid the chance of burning.


After they are cooked give the ribs some extra time to rest and recover from the high heat cooking - like resting a grilled steak.


Good luck!

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Do you know what temp your chamber will be? I would think that would tell you if 3-2-1 would work....I think the usual temp for that is 225-250...
If its a lot hotter you might still be able to foil for a while....just maybe change the interval.grilling_smilie.gif
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My question is if you have an offset smoker why attempt to grill something that needs low and slow with indirect type of heat?
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Do you believe it'll be easier to manage your fire better avoiding your fire box? If so look up the minion method to manage your fire better and use your smoker as it was designed.
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The reason I'm just grilling in direct heat is because of time. I smoke ribs all the time. I just don't have the time today and also wanted to try something new.
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10min into it. This is just the flaps that came off some spare ribs (junk meat). Good for experimenting ;-) wanting to try something different.
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