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Egg Smoking Gone Right

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I had seen some forum members have good success with eggs in the past, so on Saturday I threw a dozen raw eggs in the Weber Smokey Mountain with three pork shoulders and some peach wood. My heat stayed super-consistent between 200-225 and I took them off after 1 hour and 45 min.


The result was a) beautiful, b) tasty. The smoke flavor was light and made an impression on our egg salad sandwiches. I'll continue to use this method, but next time I will smoke it after I hard-boil and peel them. I assume the smoke will be much stronger throughout. Then we'll decide which level of smoke we prefer. 


[The pork was exceptional, also.]




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Looks great, I've always hard boiled and then cold smoked with good success but might try this way as well. Thanks
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I'll bet those egg salad sandwiches were good!



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They look great! 


I steam them to soft, peel and cold smoke

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Smoked eggs are tasty, especially in egg salad, or smoked deviled eggs!  A while back I did a little experiment:


I prefer to hard boil my eggs, peel then cold smoke.

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Looks-Great.gifI just did two dozen with pear wood a couple of weeks ago the way you did it but was around 250*.  It was a great light smoke flavor.  I may go lower than 200* for a longer time for more smoke flavor.  They seemed to peel easier than regular hard boiled eggs.


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I would not hot smoke a pealed egg, it will get rubbery on you. Either do what you did before or like others said... cold smoke them.

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Congrats on the Raw Egg Smoke... Kudos biggrin.gif


The only way to go is (IMHO) , this method. I started doing them several years ago and the Family loves them ; thet're good d "Deviled" too.


Good to see the idea coming back...



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