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What do u think of my cheeses?

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What do u guys think? Gunna give to my dad for his birthday
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Is that before you smoked them or after?  Any Qview of before and after, or any description of the process you used?

BTW, I notice you've not been to Roll Call.  Please go to and tell us about yourself, your equipment and so on so we may welcome you properly!

 Thank you for posting!

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This was after. I smoked for 2.5 hours on my mes 30 using pecan chips in the can with the soddering iron trick.
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Good job.  Have you considered waxing any of it?  It will age somewhat in the vacuum seal, but will age at a much faster rate in wax and result in a superior product.  It would be something extra special for your dad.


Maybe the following will help.

  "Smoked Cheese From Go To Show" w/ Q- View



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You have, one lucky Dad, nice one!



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Cheese sound good to me, I'm love a good tasting cheese.
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Nice I like the labels! I hope mine turns out that nice looking after I do it.

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Meh looks ok. My boyfriend is the CEO of Kraft cheese company and that's wayyyy better cheese! Better luck next time:sausage:
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I love it, gonna be one happy Dad. The packaging is super.

 By the way Kraft is not the best cheese out there. CF

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Put some socks on.  Isn't that tile cold on bare feet? :icon_lol:

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For PureFlusher and hotdogsQueen; if I may ask that you both drop into Roll Call and introduce yourselves, tell us about your skill level, type of equipment, what smokes you're doing or would like to do, etc. so we may properly welcome you to the forum!  Also, please see    Thank you so much!

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I am a cheese addict. After this, you and your dad may be too!



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