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Brisket with Burnt Ends

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This was my 3rd attempt at doing a brisket and I must say this one turned out the best yet. I had a lot riding on this one too because the inlaws were coming over for dinner. I have a Smoke Hollow electric smoker and used the AMNPS for the first time. After some air flow issues I managed to get the AMNPS to give off plenty of great smoke. What a great product.

Brisket pre-trimmed

After a light trim I added an equal parts salt and pepper for a rub. I also injected it with beef broth. Very simple I know but it worked out great.

I had it unwrapped in the smoker at 230 degrees until the IT was 170 then I wrapped it in foil until it finished to an IT of 195. After the smoker I placed it in a cooler with towels for 3 hrs. I removed the point and cubed it up and placed them in a foil pan with the juices from cooking. I smoked the burnt ends for another 11/2 hr.
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Sometimes simple works the best..... especially with beef. Looks great!
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Looks like a lovely afternoon was experienced in Minn today! Looks delicious. Hope you enjoyed all that smoke!
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