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smoked wings

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Worked on building the smoker. Got the urge to cook something and smoked these wings. Injected with Creole butter and kroger med. wing sauce. Rubbed with a homemade rub. Still cooking, hopefully they turn out well.
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Definetely let me know how this goes. I am looking to do some wings in the next couple weeks. I plan on half BBQ and half typical hot wings. Looks like you might have the ticket for the typical wings flavor. Im curious about time and temp. also. Good luck!
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Injected wings are tasty!!!
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Since I smoked these on the grill I let them smoke for an hour and a half then lit the other burners to crisp up the skin and finish them. They turned out wonderful. That was the first time I'd tried that brand of wing sauce and didn't care for it. Good flavor but not very strong. I used a combination of hickory and apple. I did end up having to strain the injection because there was cracked black pepper in the wing sauce and the injector was having a hard time with those. I will definitely be cooking these again.

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I replied below. New to this and not sure how everything works just yet.

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