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Smoked/grilled turkey "tenderloin"

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Garlic peppercorn marinade and cooked directly for about an hour and a half until 158F was reached. Set for 20 min and 163F was reached.


Served with the foil pouch garlic, red pepper, and salt asparagus. Side of mashed cauliflower, and a cucumber with tomato salad.




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Nice looking Breast and a good looking Plate of goodies along with them.Kudosicon14.gif Keep doing it like that and you'll be on top.


Have fun and . . .

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Wonderful plating....the asparagus looks great too.


I need a plate of that!



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Well there's three left...someday we'll be able to text or email food to people!

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Tasty looking meal there! Great color on the turkey!

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