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Smokey taste

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I just did my first smoke,chicken breast using cherry wood.the chicken was good but had a powerful smoke taste kinda like liquid smoke.can you use to much wood? I smoked them for 2 1/2 hours the smoke was heavy to start with And I was getting smoke all the way through the process turned up heat last 20 min to crisp bacon and that increased the amount of smoke I was getting towards the end.any clues to why I got such smoky breast?
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Tell us more about your smoker set up. What kind of smoker? What kind of wood? Chips or chunks? How much? Vent positions?..................
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18 inch smoke vault with cherry chunks I filled the pan as much as I could get in,started vents full open ,then close all the way to the stop I have not flatten the vent stops, had to adjust the heat from time to time to keep it between 225 and 240 degrease the smoke was verry heavy for about 45 min.then it was steady like you see in most smokers that I have seen on YouTube. Thanks
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Next time try just using 2 or 3 chunks at a time and leave the top vent all the way open the whole time.
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Ok thanks gotta lot to learn :)
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