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6 hours-ish for st luis ribs?

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first time with st. louis cut. i usually do baby backs for about 4-5 hours. so i figure 5-6 for the st louis cut? i don't foil just straight smoke with water in pan. 

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That should be about right, just do the bend test and you will know when they are ready!
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You're right on. I do 3-2-1 for St Louis and 2-2-1 for baby backs.

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How hot are you goin to run your smoker? That'll play into how long your ribs are going to take. I've been smoking at temps between 275*-285* and have been hitting times around 4hrs for St Louis ribs.
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^Good point. It's about 6 hours for me when running 225-250.

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for ribs i usually run at 235-245

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Get your temp up and wait for the sweat to appear on top of the ribs. then do the bend test. Should take about 4 hours at 275˚. then give them a 1 hour rest.  Spares are usually fattier than baby backs, so the higher temp is really beneficial in rendering the fat. At 245˚ you're looking at 5ish hours, but it's been my experience that the flavor and texture isn't as good as with the higher heat.

Let us know what happens!

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they were fantastic. 5h 45m i did not care for the cut though. i was under the impression that there would be no cartilage or whatever those white tubes are. and they were still there. i much prefer the baby backs...

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