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Too Much Smoke - OD'd - Rookie

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I smoked an 8 pound turkey breast today. Took about 8 hours of tending the smoker. I also did some country styled ribs. 


So I was opening the smoker door more than a few times. To make matters worse, my Maverick probe for my meat malfunctioned. I think I got the damn thing wet when I was cleaning it. 

Can the stupid probe be THAT sensitive that a little water will FUBAR the probe? 


At any rate, I ended up opening the smoker door multiple times during the 8 hours of smoking. 


I think I've OD'd on smoke. I was using cherry wood, so it's not ultra-strong stuff. 


I've done all the dishes, I've taken the garbage out. I've put all the food away, and bathed my whole body. 


I just can't escape the smokey smell. It's getting to me a bit. 


I couldn't even really enjoy my food as the smell was just something I was almost over-come with. 


How do you guys deal with this? 


Is it just rookie-ness on my part? 

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Oh Bless your heart.  The Smoke Smell is now my Favorite perfume.


You will get used to it...and love it too!


And yes...the probes are that way.....and be careful!



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I do love the smell. 


I love it until I can't get rid of it. 


It seems to be following me around. Infused into my skin. 

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I only clean my probes with a paper towel and some isopropyl alcohol, I never use water so I don't run any risk of getting water in where the cable attaches to the probe. All they need is a gentle wipe and I never even clean the smoker probe since it will never comes in contact with food.

I love the way I smell after smoking all day!!!
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Don't over do it. Good smoke on right.


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When ya smell like that, go walk around the neighborhood all the puppies want to come and play with you........ how can that be bad?


When I don't have smoke on me, I rub against the rosemary plant to hide the fact I don't have any smoke.

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