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My favorite smoke prime rib with Q-View!

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I have been working on my recipe for smoked prime rib for a while and I finally found the perfect, for me that is, recipe. I thought I would share it with the rest in the hopes someone else might like it.


I bought a 5.7 pound prime rib from our local butcher. These guys have the best meat in town!



I made up an injection broth made of beef bullion and a few teaspoons of a prime rib rub the butcher sells.



I injected as much of the broth that it would hold and then rubbed the roast with more rub.



I put the roast in a foil lined pan and poured the remainder of the broth into the pan



I got my smoker fired up and brought it up to about 300 deg. I put some hickory chunks on the coals and put the roast in the smoker.



After about 2 hours.



When the IT hit 140 I took it out and covered the pan with foil. I let the roast sit until the IT got to 148. That gave me a medium done Prime Rib.



A view of the results.




The prime rib came out tender, juicy and with a very pleasant smoke flavor. My family loves it!

Hope you enjoyed my smoked prime rib q-view!

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Yum! All these posts about standing rib roasts lately! I'm starting to get crazy ideas!
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That is just a pretty piece of meat there.  Great job!



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Oh that's just lovely.

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Thanks for sharing. Looks great.
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