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Raised beds

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I live in the Carolina's and with all the rain we have had( it just rain 2 inches in less then an hour) my tomatoes are bursting open and rotting on the vine cajoles too,green beans and my water mellows are lover it!
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We have had tons of rain too.  My maters are fine...but the squash and cukes are a mess.  Watermelon looks yummy.



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Same problem here in aArkansas. Most of my mators are making it. But some days I loose them all.

Happy smoken.


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Here in the Canadian Rockies I am ecstatic because four or five of my tomatoes are ripening. Hopefully, you will get less rain soon and still get a decent crop.



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We've been getting the monsoon flows here in CO, but even with that, where I am we may only get 10 drops!! I just picked my first cherry tomato yesterday!!!


That melon looks great!

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