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Smoked Pork Tenderloin shaved sandwiches question

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To brine or not to brine, that is the question?  What would you do?

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Personally, I would not even smoke a "Tender" Loin. I do inject them, then onto a hot grill till 135º IT. Wrap them for 30 minutes, slice and serve. Loins I will smoke, but I would brine neither.

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Pork Tenderloins are small and extremely lean. They are best cooked quickly but can be Smoked. Their flavor is delicate so a rub is all that is needed. I do, however, Brine Pork Loins that I plan to smoke. The added moisture and flavor is quite good. That is not to say you can't brine Tenders. Here is a Recipe, see what you think...JJ


Just to clarify...Are you making the small 2" thick, 8" long, 1 pound each Tenderloins...Or...The 4-6" thick, Round, 2 foot long Pork Loins that are cut in to chops? Big difference and often confused...


The small Tenderloins will smoke in under 2 hours at 225*F, taken to 135-140*F. They are best cooked Medium and still Pink.


The thicker Pork Loins will take 30-45 minutes a pound at 225, smoke to an IT of 135-145*F then wrap and rest. The latter temp will yield a juicy product but no pink. This is for the old school crowd that will not eat pink pork...


Pork Brine


2-12oz.Cans Apple Juice Concentrate

1C Apple Cider Vinegar

1/4C Molasses

1/4C Mustard

1/2C Kosher Salt

2T Pickling Spice (optional)

1T Sage, rubbed

1Gal Water

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