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Smoking Sauge Stuffed Pork Loin in brand new Smokin-It Model 4 Big Daddy

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Refer to


I've decided my first experiment with my new Big Daddy would be Jim's recipe for the sausage stuffed pork loin exactly like his recipe at the link above, I took no pictures because the preparations look identical to Jeff's picture. It too was a full-sized pork loin split in half.


It went in at 2PM (Central time). I did make an addition to my smoker by purchasing a Master Forge wireless thermometer from Lowe's yesterday. So I am sitting in my office watching the temperature of the meat while working. It's up to exactly 80 degrees, so if Jeff's instructions are correct, it should be to 145 degrees in about 4 hours or so. I'll post some pictures after it's done.

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Sounds good. Can't wait to see the pics. Did you check your new therm for accuracy in boiling water or an ice bath?
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Ooops!. I never thought about that. I put the probe in hot water to see if I could read it from inside my office. It worked, But I didn't really know what the temp was supposed to be, because I didn't wait for it to boil. .I guess I'll find out in a couple more hours.

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I'd take it out quick and test it it'll only take a couple minutes. I'd hate to see you over cook a great meal.
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2:25 hrs into the cook. Internal temperature of meat 132 degrees



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I put another thermometer in it and it reads 3 degrees less. Could be just another place in the meat.

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Looks great! Don't forget a sliced shot!

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Okay thoseguys. This ones for you.

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Looking good!
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Thank you sir! That is quite pretty. Love it.

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I am happy with the Big Daddy, but I am not real happy with my results. Although I followed Jeff's recipe to the letter, I think I am going to have to modify my recipes to make up for the high-efficiency of this 1500 watt heating element.

I am a complete novice, but not totally an idiot... not yet. But it took these two, huge pork loins only 3hr:15mn, cooking at 225 to reach 142-145 degrees. I let them rest for about 15 minutes and the juice ran out all over the counter.

I think they cooked too fast. The meat is dry and chewy, although not too chewy to eat. Just too chewy for me. I applied smoke pretty much the whole way through, and I think the bacon kept the smoke from getting to the meat. I could almost tie my shoes with the bacon after it finished cooking. The rub didn't penetrate the meat well, but it was salty enough. I ate it with some Sweet Baby Ray's Original and the sauce saved it. 

The meat was too tough for my taste and it's almost as if it should had been injected and wrapped, but my limited knowledge points me in the direction of excessive smoker temp. I think I should have gone with injection of some clarified butter, maybe some apple juice mixed with rub, and a smoker temp of 200-215

What do ya'll think?

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