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first brisket, with a ECB

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I'm going to go ahead and apologize , my previous post was in the wrong spot...woops.



 This past thursday i purchased a 6.5 pound brisket...not the biggest but it was for $15 dollars and I am only making it to get better at smoking before i jump up to a $30 dollar brisket. Anyways , I marinated it in about three heeping spoonfuls of butter, and a a quarter to half of a bottle of worcestershire sauce ( sorry i don't write down my measurements i just go with it until it looks good lol.) While it was marinating a put on some sweet and smokey rub, i wanna say it was a lot of chipotle and it tasted almost like a brown sugar taste. I tested it and it tasted amazing , but it was a little too sweet, so i took a couple shakes of cayenne pepper and put that in the mix. I let it sit until saturday morning ( this morning ). It has been on the smoker for about 4 hours now. My temperature started out at about 285 , but with a little rescuing i got it down to about 235. I just changed my briquettes ...didn't really care too much for tem. I have a batch of mesq. lump charcoal in now with some wood chips in a aluminum foil box. ( couldn't find chunks around here ) . I say i got about another 5 hours or so on the smoker for it to finish. Pictures to come.

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- This was friday evening..taking a peak at the beauty.


- This is about 3 hours into the smoke, I haven't smoked a brisket before but if i was to guess it looks pretty darn good. More pictures to come.

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Looking Great! Keep those Q-View coming. 

I picked up a 14 ponder today. Family in town and requested brisket for sunday dinner.  Probably put it on around 10pm tonight. 


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You gonna pull or slice it? Planning on wrapping it?

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At 3 my time i wrapped it at 160 and let it finish up to 180. I want to try to slice it , but if it doesn't work then ill pull it. but when you wrap it do you throw it back on the smoker? or put it in an insulated container?

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I Smoke to about 170 deg. Then Wrap in foil with a splash of apple juice and then back into the smoker until it reaches about 190 deg. Then you can do the Wrap with towels and into a  cooler for a couple of hours... B

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Oh okay, well good thing I did what came to mind and put it back on the smoker lol. I think the towel method might have to be skipped because this sucker is smelling and looks delicious...patience is not my friend on this one.

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That method works too! B

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should a brisket be cut with or against the grain?

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Looks good so far. Keep the Q-View coming. And thanks for serving our country. You and your family enjoy your meal! 

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Thanks appreciate it, they would love to enjoy it but unfortunately im heading to egypt very soon so they are with her parents...but soon they shall be amazed with my skills lol. I'll have another picture soon once it hits about 185/190

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Always cut meat against the grain. It makes it easier to eat. Tender...



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This is the final result, I'm quite pleased seeing it is my first brisket.

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Nice smoke ring.  Good Job!



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thank you! I feel like the towel method you mentioned to me would've turned it into a better piece of meat, but I was so dang hungry I couldn't resist. It cut almost like butter, and it had a little tug to it when pulling it apart but i like it that way. I just wish it was a tiny bit closer to pulled. If i was to do a big slab of brisket, is it acceptable to cut it into to pieces in order for it to fit? I have a cheap smoke n grill, so the cooking area is quite small.

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I little "snap" on the slice or tug is perfect.  And sure you can cut your brisket to smoke it if your unit won't hold a full packer cut. Just keep an eye on it.  The flat end will most like cook faster than the peak "fat end".

Glad it turn out well. As for me I just took mine out of the fridge to prep it. Got to get busy..

You take are over in Egypt. 

God bless


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Since you brought up your brisket, how do you personally prep yours? I see some people do a marinade for a while , THEN they put their rub on. I put my rub on while it was marinating.

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Here is a brisket thread I posted about how I do it. I've also posted a few others.


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