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Got a New Toy :)

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  So I was informed by my wife yesterday while at work that we were going to a food and wine event that night. Although Im not a big wine drinker I figured I'd go because as every married man knows ( A happy wife makes a happy life). After about 30 min. there I see a set of tables against a wall and when I go over, there are a bunch of items for a silent auction. Low and behold the is a Bradley Digital Smoker new and in the box. So I grabed the pen and wrote my # and 200$ next to it. Just after the auction ended a lady walked up and wrote $225 I promptly told her if she is gona bid after the close then so will I. I put down $250 and gave her a smile just as she gave me a dirty look LOL.  Not a bad night. I got the smoker $150 less than the store price and all the money goes to charity. I might have to go to more of these events. That's the best $250 tax deductible donation I've ever made :)

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Congrats Mike! What are you smoking first in it?
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Cool.....and congrats!



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Awesome! Congrats. And thanks for giving to a charity!!
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Good show! Enjoy!

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