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Anyone have a butt stall at 183 degrees? Mine has been at that temp for 2 hours. I calibrated my thermometers and they are good. Do I just need more patience?
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Patience my friend, Patience! You hit a high temp stall, it will happen. Most stalls happen around 150-160 but high temp stalls, over 180 do happen. Ride it out!
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It'll be very juicy.... Consider yourself lucky!

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bomftdrum, I'm in the same bout sat at 178 for about 45 minutes now I'm at 181 on about an hour. Do you plan on wrapping it or ridding it out?
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Sorry about just getting back. I did try coiling and it still didn't move. I moved my probe to different parts and my probe kept going in like butter despite the temp. I went ahead and pulled off and put it in a cooler. In my limited experience when it does that the meat is done. Going to heat here in about an hour and will let you know how it turned out.
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They can stall at about any temp tho mine usually stall at lower temps than that. For another way to find out if it's truly done when you don't trust the thermo grab the bone and if it feels like it will slide right out then it's done.

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The bone in mine still didn't feel like it was ready to come out but when I probbed it it felt like a marshmellow, it almost fell apart as I was taking it off. Qview in my roll call
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