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Help Please Wood Chips/Pellets

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I need a little help please. I started out with a MES 40 inch new model. Controll panel bit the dust, Bass Pro said bring it back under warranty will will get you another one. Well short story I didn't truct it due to the fact the front panel was very hot never used an extension cord. So I picked up the last 18 inch WSM at bass pro and had a few bucks left over for supplies. Well I have quite a bit of wood chips and pellets here. Told the wife I needed more wood chunks, SHE said you need to figure out a way to use that other stuff stacked up out there. Wrapping in foil is a pain in the rear. Seen some pictures of what looked like chips and pellets in a vegge can in the fire ring. Any suggestions. I can't be the only guy to go from electric to charcoal.

Thanks for the help.


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You can always use one of the AMPS at the far end of the pit to use the pellets. As for the chips, I have been know just to toss some in at the edge of the coals for that smoke taste  at the begining of a grill. I suppose you could do like wise, just don't get carried away. A little goes a long way.

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I think Foam has you covered.

Happy smoken.


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