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My first smoked turkey

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New at this and having a lot of fun! Tried Turkey for the first time. 6 hours, 230 degrees, Jack Daniels Chips, Brined with water and spices for 24 hrs. How do you say Pretty Damn Good!? Thanks for all of your tips so far. Learning a lot from this forum. Smoked turkey for 3 hrs until temp was 160. Finished in smoker at 180. Had grilled veggies and artichoke heart au gratin with it.








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That turkey looks good.  I might have to bump that up on my todo list.

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Looks great!! Just curious, you said you "brined with water and spices", does that mean no salt? If so how did it work? Might be good info for those trying to curb salt intake.
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Nice looking turkey...
Mind sharing your veggie side dish recipe?
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Realy nice looking Bird. The Grilled Veggies were a good touch.  Keep it coming , Q-view was great... now, send Recipes...biggrin.gif

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