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Pulled Pork

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I'm smoking an 8lb butt for a birthday party tomorrow and my POS Taylor thermometer crapped out.  No problem...I just use my instant read.  As I'm probing around I noticed that the bone in side is 10-15 degrees behind the other side.  Cut it in half and let the bone in side run another hour.  Anyone else experience this?

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All the time on larger cuts, I will see temp differences like that all over in different areas of the cut. That's why i don't concern myself too much with temps on butts and just probe for tenderness.
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I use the Sam Club cyro twin packs.  If the bone-in side is going to lag behind an hour, I'm inclined to cut it in half before smoking.  Potential advantages would be more bark, faster cook time and more consistent!

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That is correct! More surface area = More bark! Smaller mass = Faster cook time!
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