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I hear ya...I throw my rib eyes on at 150 so they can take on smoke, then let it slowly drift to 220ish and keep it there and sear at the finish.
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OH hell keith.

I own a mes 40.....why didn't you remind me......I use it for sausage and sticks......and a few yard birds............Maybe I need to go back to Bacon and eggs in a paper sack!! I did that a bunch as a Boy Scout leader..........I do like my Dutch ovens and a outdoor fire.......Maybe I need to read my signature line every now and then........Then I will know what toys I have to play with. Hell I left out all of the AMNPS and Tubes. If you don't have a AMNPS you should have.....It's like a kettle grill........A must have!!........Now we are to temp........I'm not smart enough to look at a smoker and say YUP THAT IS GOING TO BE GOODrofl.gif If you don't know what temp your grilling_smilie.gif.  You'r just living on a prayer

Happy smoken


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I have a cheap masterbuilt propane smoker and a vision kamado. For me it's no question it's the kamado. It's just to easy and the results are to good. I use it at least 2x a week cause i can also grill chicken and steaks and burgers oh my.



 I had a hard time getting TBS with the propane smoker but not with the kamado.

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We'll depending what I'm doing... I really like my mini. The GOSM has been a workhorse for many years! I have to agree with Dave the front load Big Chief is a great smoker for fish (should've never sold mine!)
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Since I smoke almost 100% Salmon I use my two trusty ole Big Chiefs. I do have a Masterbuilt propane smoker but It sits dormant most of the time unless I want to smoke some butter and cheese using only my AMNPS as a heat source.


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