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MES 30 Won't Start Up

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Hey Guys/Gals,


I've searched for a similar problem on the forum but haven't had any luck finding my scenario.


I've had my MES30 for a few years ago and was about to smoke some wings over the weekend but nothing happened when I hit the power button on the control unit.  No beeps, no lights, nothing.


I called customer support and they were kind enough to send me a replacement control unit for free (awesome service!).  Well...unfortunately I am not getting a different result.  I've checked the outlet, all is good there.  Power cord is looking fine.  Any thoughts on what I should do next?  I've seen some people drill out the rivets on the back and check the wiring.  It does have an access panel to the heating element and everything looks good there.

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Did you set the timer ???  won't work without the timer set....


Try spreading the spade lugs on the power cord..... they may not be making contact......    Dave


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I can't even get the timer or control unit to turn on. I'll try the spade plugs...thanks!
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You confirm you have juice at that outlet?  There is also a lower power controller board that you can access from the bottom.

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Probably need to pull the back panel and look at the plug in wiring harness that goes to the controller. Should be an obvious break or crossover. The element connection won't have anything to do with power to the controller.
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Is that the little box that sticks out from the bottom (underside) of the unit?

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So I popped off all the rivets I could find and examined every wire and connection I could find.  To me, nothing looks wrong with it, I couldn't find any corroded wires or wear on the unit.  Any thoughts?  Masterbuilt wants to sell me some type of replacement kit for $65....but I'm not crazy about that idea.









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Trouble shooting electronics is waaaaay over my head.....    Dave

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Did you verify that you have power at your outlet? Do you have or have access to a digital meter with continuity check?

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Not sure how much access you have to the wiring, but you could follow the electric current and test for power at every connection. Once you find where you have no powers, you know where the issue is. This should be done VERY carefully as you could easily fry something in the smoker or worse, yourself.
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