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I am currently looking at a recipe to make hot dogs. The recipe is from Len Poli.It is a pretty simple recipe with not a whole lot of ingredients. However it states to use 1Tbs. of Amesphosphate. Can someone tell me its purpose where you can purchase it and is the a substitute? Maybe a hot dog recipe that they would want to share, Don't forget, a simple one without a lot of ingredients.

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Amesphosphate helps retain moisture, improves the texture, has flavor and color and helps bind everything together. I bought some from Sausage

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Search "AmesPhos"....  the ingredients store carries it.....   it is a registered trade mark.....   Dave

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AmesPhos improves texture, maintains that fresh-made taste, and reduces bacteria. Phosphates are used in a wide range of processed meat, poultry and seafood in which they perform several functions. Phosphates improve the retention of natural fluids in the animal muscle that would otherwise be lost in the aging, cooking or freezing process. They also act as protein solubilizers to aid in binding processed meats. Their presence results in improved texture, flavor and color. Non Fat Dry Milk Powder, Soy flour, rice flour, soy powder, whey powder, corn syrup solids, corn syrup (clear karo type), gelatin and fat are binders but can also add some flavor.
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