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Chili with leftover rib meat....

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Had a whole rack and then some left over from Wednesday nights rib cook.
Not wanting to overdose on pork ribs , (seriously , you can do that .) I decided to make chili.
Got out the crockpot .Threw in some homemade meat sauce as a base. Added a can of bushes barbecue grillin beans. An envelope of McCormick chili mix. (Mild , but I took care of that.) added a small can of tomato sauce , a can of Goya dark kidney beans and about a pound of finely diced rib meat. Then I doctored it up. JalapeƱo sauce , cayenne pepper , Tabasco sauce , a little franks red hot , some Worcestershire , a healthy grind of fresh black pepper , some trader joes smoked ground pepper and lastly a pinch of dried ground habanero pepper. I know this might sound hot , but truly it's just right. I didn't use a ton of any of those...just enough so you notice it. The sweetness of the bbq beans ,the nice firm Goya beans , the beefy tomato flavor of my meat sauce and the porky goodness of the rib meat all offset by various notes of hot pepper. This just needs a day to sit in the fridge while all the flavors marry and it will make a great Friday night supper.

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Imo that's a really creative use of leftovers!
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Sounds tasty!

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