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pepper problems

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Can anyone give a little insite as to what could be wrong with my pepper plants which consist of bell,habs,jalapeno,. The problem is they put ob blossoms and that's it no bell pepper did set one decent size pepper but nothing since.
The habs have nothing and thejalapeno have just 4 small peppers out of 4 plants
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Has it been quite hot there?
That can cause them to not set fruit.
So can overfertilizing.

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We had about a week of hot 90 deg temps , but average 80s
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The rains here have not helped some of my garden....but has with my peppers.  Have any pics you could share?



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Those temps should be fine. My peppers set fruit until it gets above 100 here in Phoenix. As stated above overfertilizing can be an issue. Hot peppers typically require a lot of calcium. A defficincy of calcium would be seen as wrinkled leaves.

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