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Panko coated Salmon cakes

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With all the Salmon the wife's been catching recently, I have taken on the job of scraping the bones after we process the fish. On the average, I can salvage about 2# worth of nice red meat from two fish that is normally tossed by most after they have cut up their fish. I then turn this meat into some yummy patties adding bread crumbs, mayonnaise, parsley, grated onion and lemon juice, which yields around 6-7 patties. Vacuum seal and freeze them.


When I want to cook them, I'll defrost them then add a little bit of smoked butter and olive oil to a skillet, dip each patty into a plate of Panko crumbs and cook about 5-6 minutes on each side until I get an IT of 140. Belch! I actually enjoy this over straight Salmon Fillets.


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Yummmm!!  drool.gif  I think I will try that with my smoked Rice Crispies  smile.gif

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drool.gifLooks great!


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I do "fried" salmon patties at home.  Southern Thang!  Those do look mighty good!



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