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Looks good. I wish the large WSM would put on handles.


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I started out with no basket on my gold but made one at 3 1/2 inches so it would be below the grate if I used just the SMJ as a grill.  I found that I can lay out my charcoal be it briquettes or lump along with my wood chunks much easier for what I am smoking.  Also, when I finish I usually have some coals left that can be used in the next smoke so I can pull out the basket, dump the ashes in the bottom of the grill and reuse the coals on top of the grate without having to handle them much.

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Hey guys, for those that have their WSM mini's up and runnning. I AM SO CLOSE, but ran into a snag.  I have a smokey joe gold, and just got my IMUSA 32 quart tamale steamer all cut out and ready to go..the tamale steamer fits the base of the Smokey Joe Gold PERFECTLY..however the LID of the smokey joe is to SMALL to fit onto the top of the pot.  What can I do to make this lid fit???


Any help would be great.  Thanks



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I had to tweak mine also.  I put it upside down on a flat surface (couple of short 2X4's) and gently tapped on the outside of the rim all the way around, with a light hammer and short piece of wood.  I then put the Smokey Joe lid on and discovered that it was too tight. By gently tapping on the lid with a rubber mallet and my palm I was able to force it on.  I took the lid off and turned it several times tapping it on each time so I would get a perfect round fit.   Just remember to be gentle because it doesn't take too much to change the size.  I know there are other ways to do this so you might wait until others post on this site to make a decision.  

post #65 of 66 tapped the WEBER LID on each time? and that shaped the outer lip of the pot??  I was thinking of laying the pot on it's side with the outer lip on a hard surface and then hitting down on the inner edge as I turned the pot to compress the outer ring/lip a bit.  Right now there's no way the lid would "tap"'s about a1/4" smaller than the pot



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I'm sorry, mine was too small for the smokey joe gold lid so I gave you the wrong instructions.  Yes you can put it on a flat surface and tap on the rim but you'll have some indentations on the pot. The IMUSA lid will be more perfectly round than the pot rim so see if it fits into the smokey joe lid.  If it fits then use it as a template when you alter the pot rim.  If it is too small or too large you will be able to see how much you need to change the rim.  You might be able to use a rubber mallet to avoid indentations.  Remember the pot is thin aluminum and very soft so tap gently.

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