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A-MAZE-N Smoker "Pit masters choice" pellets

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Those of you that have tried these pellets, tell me about what you smoked with them and how you fel about them.  Is this your go to blend for most meats?  Just looking fo rinfo on the pellets, thanks

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Anthony, morning.....  Well, I use Pitmasters Choice for most foods I smoke....  I may add a little hickory or mesquite at times....   I find PC's flavor profile very pleasant, no harshness to it...  a blend of flavors most folks like....   It is a really good, go to blend, of flavor woods....

I use it on cheese, poultry, pork and beef.....   I haven't tried it on salmon yet as I am very partial to alder on salmon...  



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I'm with Dave...I use PC for most everything.  IMO its the perfect blend.



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It sounds like an awesome blend and I have already ordered it and just wanted dome feed back.  Thanks fellas.

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I like it too - it is a good "go to" choice for a wide variety of smokes. It makes some great smoked salt! That being said, I still like to play around with various wood types & flavor profiles but if I'm ever at a loss as to what wood I want to use I go with the Pitmasters Choice  smile.gif

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I used it for a brisket last week. My wife especially likes the flavor, and she says it doesn't taste "oversmoked".

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