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Mountain sheep..anyone cooked?

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Hello fellow smokeaholics!


A buddy of mine wants me to smoke a leg of sheep he got last year hunting. I have dealt with venison and elk but never sheep. Has anyone worked with this meat? Any ideas on how to smoke it?


Any ideas would be awesome!!

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Trying to help the thread before you about Barbados ram. Dont think its going to be a world of difference between the 2.

How big is leg,age & fat cover estimate will help. They can be strong flavoured in older animals & a bit tough & thats domestic sheep not wild.

Do you want to look at the other thread then give us all a little more detail? Straight out of the chute I think you better be concerned about it drying out.

I would like to help if I can I just need a bit more info.


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Never tried a sheep's leg before - I'm gonna follow this with great interest  biggrin.gif  popcorn.gif

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