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Brisket Smoking time

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First post here guys.


Recently I had a Bday party for my wife where I bought (2) briskets. I ended up using only (1). The other I threw in the freezer, but because it was so big I had my butcher friend bandsaw it in half. My question is on my usual brisket smoking I do; 6 hours smoking at 220 than 12 hours in my oven at 220. Since my brisket is now half the size can I cut down on the times mentioned ???



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Yes, times will change with mass... however, cook to temp.  You now have a big incision that will leak juices as you start. IMHO , sear the edge then smoke to 165*F or so , then place in the oven. You will be cooking to temp. and not a time.

Use a dependable Thermometer and take it to 200*F for a good done Brisky.The oven takes the time out of the equation, go by temp. now.

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+1 on that... Always go by internal temp. Briskets can be tough to work with. Only thing I would add is make sure your meat probe goes into the thickest part of the brisket and make your moves based on that. I also recommend slicing the thickest part (this will be juiciest) and then chopping up your thinnest parts (this will be driest) to be sauced up and put on a sandwich. Good luck!
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Hoping to not have to start at 10pm, stay up til 4am smoking :(


Will try starting at 4-5am for a 5pm finish ??? I have a good probe Thermometer so monitoring internal temp shouldn't be a problem.


Good idea about searing the cut end !

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OldschoolBBQ is a big brisket guy. He's done more than most have dreamed and helped me with some seasoning recommendations. He's gotch ya covered.

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yeahthat.gif  Stan will guide you in the right direction...  thumb1.gif

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